aspect-ratio 10x9 Composting with Martha Schwindling

Composting with Martha Schwindling

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08:00 Ironing
Join Jan Boelen, Rector of the HfG, as he starts the day by ironing his clothes and humming German songs.

10:00 YOGA-ing
With societies around the world slowly reopening, we are entering a new chapter. Concern for our loved ones, life pace picking up, stress of productivity, financial insecurity – the new world is full of challenges. Media art alumna Nina Adelajda Olczak a.k.a Artist Coach is inviting you to practice rituals of self-care as applied to our daily life. Yoga and meditation in everyday situations in the era of social distancing, full of twists and turns, to give you the flexibility and endurance to master the post-lockdown reality.

13:00 Breaking
Join media artist Michail Rybakov, alumni of HfG's communication design department, in breaking habits. Rybakov remembers “watching fish in a fish tank way too small. They would always do the same movements, the same repetitive routines, for hours. I feel like I‘m one of these fishes now, in an aquarium way too small".
Watch Michail Rybakov trying to move differently, to stop trying to be himself.

14:00 Yielding
Our perception of agency shifts as our daily practices and our habitual movements have to adapt. Join movement artist Mira Hirtz, alumna of HfG’s art theory department, to practice yielding with her – an active allowance, an agent giving in into that which is present – by using our bodies: resting in various positions, dancing wildly, being weird. There is more time and less time, depending on our personal situation, but in any case there is a confusion of rhythms, a loss of control and flow. ...

15:00 Tworking
Join artist, designer and HfG alumna Lotte Meret Effinger in her home/studio/workshop in Berlin. She is often engaged in collaborations and projects which range from video, installation, text, performance to publications. She analyzes the effects of digital media and new technology on our identity and emotions. Currently we are facing an uncertain future: affecting our bodies and economic structures. In dealing with this condition Lotte focuses on continuous learning methods and extensive research. She will introduce research methods and workshops she built up in the last weeks, work on old self-taught procedures, try out new ones, improvise, fail and learn from it again.

17:00 Shifting
Join choreographer and media artist Kerstin Möller - alumna of HfG media art. Each of her sessions is dedicated to shifting through spaces in Stockholm, Sweden and Hannover, Germany and through her movement research as well as preparations for a sound art installation.

18:00 Composting
Join product designer Martha Schwindling on a tour through her analogue and digital storage spaces and watch her turn leftovers and fragments of previous works into something new. Recycling some of the materials and ideas scattered around the studio is a way to stay productive in a period of stagnation — while also cleaning up some messes.

20:00 Bubbling
Join designer and singer Anne Tönsmann juggling free associative ideas, developed while working with a variety of sources (severed Barbie doll heads, lamps, audiosignals). While working on one project, ideas for the next project are bubbling up. During each show Anne will talk to the audience about what is going on in her head. Towards the end of one episode she will decide which idea to work on in the following episode.

21:15 Collecting
Join graphic designer Yannick Nuss on a journey into his passion for collecting action figures. The careful selection of special objects for personal enjoyment is an expression of a time consuming passion and the thrill of hunting for desirable rarities. His collection currently consists of 8 figures, all of which were sought, observed, hunted and bought for different reasons. Each new figure is taken out of its original packaging exactly once, repackaged in a carefully inspected manner and then added to the collection as an additional member.

22:00 Collaborating
For four weeks, Landau Karriere will be sharing their casual Karlsruhe friday night routine: Roaming the streets in borrowed cars, meeting collaborators of the joint venture, talking to flamingos at night and singing along the radio melody – accompanied by their videographer Clemens Lauer. Landau Karriere is Heidi Herzig and Judith Milz.

Homemade Routines is compiled and edited by alumna Katharina Wahl and the HfG Press Department, thanks to various alumni of the Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe. Homemade Routines is a project initiated by PS (Public Sandberg) curated by Jules van den Langenberg at Sandberg Instituut, Masters of Gerrit Rietveld Academie (

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