Titel: Sounds from Fragments

Diplom Medienkunst 2021

How can a nail, scratching to the asfalt affect us? Inspiring from a documen- tary about a rice vendor by Özkan Kücük, this process was a very self reflective investigation, in which I follow the political soundscapes in Kurdish cinema, through media archeologies of sound media. The shift from human body to the LP’s, sound bands, tapes and cassettes brings to our lives a new aspect, where we don’t relate sound to the bodies from flesh and bone but plastic. Nevertheless those mediums don’t just live as functional objects but developing, changing, forming, transforming the meaning and the message. At the Kurdish context, in a territory divided between four nation-states, a very complex and deep oral culture and strong bound to the narrativity, the agency of sound medias turn into a very radical actor on a conflicting territory.


Mustafa Emin Büyükcoşkun is an artist and filmmaker, lives and works in Karlsruhe and Istanbul. His practice focuses on the agency and the truth making potentiality of the media infrastructures, particularly at political soundscapes. After working as director and asistant in film, his current