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How can we rethink collective practices in our era of individualism, in which collective imagination is falling apart structurally? In the context of an arts and design school, in conjunction of a studio system, revisiting collective projects and processes at the archives of HfG, "Documenting the Moment" aims at presenting collective forms of art, design and theory practices, in which authorship is replaced by collective belonging and a social form of building and sharing. At the framework of Graduates Exhibition 2021-2022, in the third session of the panel series, our focus will be on understanding and examining the hegemony of authorship and the possible ways of its collective deconstruction.

Participating alumni: Lukas Fütterer (ichigaii), Zhou Pe (strwüü), Greta Luise Hoffmann (Gamelab)

Launched in October 2021, the Open Resource Center is working to establish a bottom-up designed digital platform, in which students and professors can archive their research processes, works and projects, enabling transdisciplinary collaborations and networks. Documenting the Moment has been organised by ORC, as part of the 30th. anniversary celebrations of HfG Karlsruhe.