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On July 18, 2024, the joint exhibition of HfG and ZKM "Antennae: Frequencies from the Archive" will also open with the HfG's Rundgang 2024.

It was developed by the seminar group "Antennae to feel-think-know" of the HfG's Department of Exhibition Design and Scenography (ADSZ) and curated by Nick Aikens and Céline Condorelli in dialog with Felix Mittelberger (Head Archivist ZKM).

Antennae will be on view in the exhibition spaces of the ZKM until November 2024.

Figures, artists and stories form the starting point for this exhibition, which focuses on historical future scenarios. Based on the ZKM archive, the collaborative project between the HfG and ZKM examines how the future was imagined, projected or practiced. By moving back and forth between documents, videos and devices, often encountering gaps and boundaries, the show weaves a web of narratives and connections between the individual archival materials. The exhibition invites you to listen - in a sensory and political sense - to what is contained in the archive, what is left out and what could be possible.

Participants Nick Aikens (HfG), Céline Condorelli (HfG), Felix Mittelberger (ZKM), Bettina Bessenyei (HfG), Lena Breitmoser (HfG), Athina Chrisofakis (HfG), Senta Hirscheider (HfG), Jungwon Jang (HfG), Philipp Kern (HfG), Chaeyoung Moon (HfG), Lasse Peters (HfG), Betty Potemkin (HfG), Yijing Zhang (HfG)

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