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Traditionally, at the end of the summer semester, the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design invites you to the Annual Exhibition and, for a weekend, take a look behind the scenes of the university. For the Annual Exhibition 2019, from 18 to 21 July, the workshops, atriums and rooms of the HfG Karlsruhe will once again become an exhibition area. The students from the fields of exhibition design and scenography, communication design, art history and media philosophy, media art and product design give visitors insights into their artistic and theoretical work, products, designs and ideas.

The HfG Karlsruhe has taken this year's Annual Exhibition as an opportunity to address forms of cooperation in everyday student life and beyond. Under the motto "collective, collaborative, cooperative", various collective methods of artistic practice should be made tangible but also discussed. What are the benefits of collaborative work and where can there be limits that need to be explored time and again? The 2019 exhibition aims to serve as a platform to initiate, inspire, and learn from each other.

The interdisciplinary orientation and the project-based interdisciplinary study at the HfG Karlsruhe promote new forms of cooperation. Study projects are mostly collaborative, in teams and often in cooperation with other institutions. This form of studying - and thus also of teaching and working - is structured at the HfG. The HfG Karlsruhe deliberately dispenses with rigid boundaries between the fields of study and so the exhibition also reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the university with all its academic freedom and creative openness.

The open architecture of the hall construction, which gives the university its special atmosphere, is marked with architectural elements. The arrangement of the exhibition walls and pedestals creates passages and visual relationships. The exhibition architecture and the concept of the it were developed within the department of Exhibition Design and Scenography and allow a particularly variable design of the spatial structures.

Collective and performing arts, design and theory groups are invited to speak about their forms of collaboration and to share their experiences with the visitors and with each other. In addition, the topic of collective work will be examined from different perspectives, put up for discussion and critically questioned. The public program is intended to appeal to a variety of visitors through its varied content orientation - professionals as well as young people and students from other art universities.

The university is open to the public on Friday from 8 am to 10 pm and on the Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 22 o'clock open. Students of the Department of Art History offer guided tours for the public, during the exhibition which they accompany a tour of the house and selected works imagine. These public tours will take place on Friday, July 19, from 14 to 15 Pm, on Saturday, July 20, from 6 to 7 pm and on Sunday, July 21, from 14 until 15 o'clock. For a young, digitally savvy audience this year we will offer for the second time an Instawalk through the exhibition on Saturday, July 20 at 11 o'clock in cooperation with Karlsruhe Tourism.

Admission is free throughout the duration.

Opening times:
Friday 8 am–10 pm
Saturday/Sunday 10 am–10 pm

Projects of the annual exhibition 2019

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