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Photo: Mio Kojima und Arno Schlipf (© HfG Karlsruhe)

Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (HfG Karlsruhe) is proud to present its annual exhibition of 2018. From July 19 to 21 the atriums, workshops and rooms of HfG Karlsruhe will become a vast exhibition space. More than four hundred students from the fields of exhibition design and scenography, communication design, art research and media theory and philosophy, media art and product design give visitors an insight into their artistic and theoretical work, products, designs and concepts.
The public will be confronted with the ideas of a new generation of artists and designers, curators, scenographers, philosophers, art historians, film directors and photographers.
The Annual Exhibition includes a wide range of art, music and literature performances, film screenings and talks, as well as guided tours through the exhibition.

Opening times:
Fr 8am–10pm
Sa 10am–10pm

Projects of the annual exhibition 2018

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