In this part you will find information on study and living costs, scholarships, living and mobility in Karlsruhe, and other useful tips.

Study Costs

Students at German universities pay a fee every semester for the Studierendenwerk, administration and the student body:

  • current student union contribution  87,70 €
  • current administration fee 60,00 €
  • current student body fee 13,00 €

The total fee of 160,70 € must be paid on enrollment. Exchange students from partner universities only pay the student union contribution: 87,70 €. Freemover (no qualifications given) only pay the Studentenwerk fee and the administration fee: 147,70 €.

Since the winter semester 2017/18, the universities in the state of Baden-Württemberg have been charging international degree students tuition fees of €1,500 per semester. This does not apply for students from an EU/EEA country or exchange students in general.

Living Costs

The living costs in Germany varies greatly between the regions Living Costs. For German standards, the living costs in Karlsruhe are in the middle range. Nevertheless, you should be prepared for monthly costs of at least 700-800 EUR and plan your stay accordingly.


As a degree student a central aspect of planning your studies in Karlsruhe is the financing. Exchange students normally receive a scholarship (for example the Erasmus grant) for the duration of their stay. There are many foundations and organizations where foreign students or graduates can apply for an individual scholarship. The award criteria for each scholarship are very different, however a specialized qualification rather than the social situation of the applicant is more decisive.

Some Scholarship Opportunities:

Foundations and other organizations:


It is very common in Germany to share a flat with other students. Each have their own room and the other spaces are shared. Most flat-shares are rented in an unfurnished condition. Shared flats often organize themselves independently from the flat owner. There are generally many applicants to be expected for one shared-flat opportunity especially at the beginning of the semester, and you should not be intimidated by rejections. In most cases, a deposit of two months’ rent is to be expected.

Flats come generally unfurnished. Finding an affordable flat straight away in Karlsruhe is not very easy. On top, there are costs for internet (ca. 20–30€/month), license fees for public broadcasting (17,50€/month), and gas/electricity. A deposit of two months’ rent is almost always required.

Temporary Sublets:
The “Zwischenmiete” (temporary sublet) is a particular type of sublet, limited to a short period (anything from a week to a year), due to the tenant being out of the country, for example. A “Zwischenmiete” offers exchange students as well as those who have not managed to find suitable accommodation by the time of studies, and need a place to stay for the first weeks in Karlsruhe.

Further Information:
The largest range of flats and flat-shares can be found on

Student Residence:
HfG Karlsruhe does not possess its own accommodation for their students and does not offer mediation of rooms in student residences. Information on various residences can be under Living in Karlsruhe and on the Studierendenwerk website.


Public Transport:
With a student pass, the public transport network KVV can be used free of charge between 6pm and 5am as well as Saturdays and Sundays throughout the day. Taking a bicycle on board is also permitted. Furthermore, there is the possibility to purchase a “Semesterticket” for 151,10 €/semester (price as of September 2016), with which you can travel anytime. Further information can be found on the website of KVV.

Biking is the first choice of transport for many Karlsruhers and there is a good bicycle lane network. Used bikes can be bought cheaply on the internet or in bicycle shops. A good lock should not be spared. A helmet is advisable but not compulsory. Important! Traveling without lights risks being fined.

Should you require transport by car, you may want to become a member of stadtmobil.

Long-Distance Transport:
A journey with the Deutschen Bahn is often the fastest and in fact the most ecological way of travelling. It is worth booking in advance and making use of special offers like the BahnCard. Long-distance buses or “Mitfahrzentralen” (car-sharing agencies) offer alternatives.

Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie (KIT) Pre Arrival Guide

The so called KIT is the largest university in Karlsruhe. A lot of useful information is also summarized in the Pre-Arrival Guide of KIT Karlsruhe. Please note that KIT specific information that does not apply to the HfG Karlsruhe can also be found here.


Uni Sport:
The range of sport offered at Karlsruhe universities is varied and offers reasonable activities for every level and area of interest. The basic one-time cost at registration is 10€, and a further cost for each course of around 8 to 25€ (per semester). It is advised to register straight after the enrollment process has been processed (for deadlines see sport institute website), as particularly popular sport courses become full within the first two hours.

Student Union (“Studierendenwerk”):
The Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe supports students of all universities in various concerns. Useful information can also be found here.

AK Erasmus:
The Arbeitskreis Erasmus (Erasmus work group) at KIT Karlsruhe offers a platform for Erasmus students and organizes a monthly event.

Language Courses: