KOHLSWAT: “Pling! Pling!” - “It’s beautiful.” - “?!?” - “Snif!” - “I found the cheese!” - “UAAAAH!” - “Oh a butterfly!” - “Thank God, I’m saved!” - “CRAAAACK” - “6” - “9” - “sigh” - “Still a bit nippy eh?” - “You… are looking for something?” - “DRRRRRRIIIIIINNNNGG” - “Yes… but please do not touch it” - “Horrible – you can only bear one at a time.” - “A million scavenging sea monsters!” -“oh!” - “I’m here to give you the reassurance that everything will be all right…” - “Half-wit!” - “EEEEHH!” - “Sir Gawain charges bravely but hopelessly.” - “TÄTERÄTÄTÄ!” - “Blistering Barnacles!” - “CONFIDENTIAL”- “I’ll be the hit of the party!” - “cough” - “And so…” - “Incredible, what you can achieve with a credit card!” -“BRRRRAAAAAOOOOUUUM!” - “You can really talk?” - “Meow!” - “Time to say goodbye!” - “Oh shut up!” - “FIN”

Posters announcing the online talk show series for the KD department. Initally concieved for an at least partially opened school, they were only shown digitally and printed afterwards. This is the first time they are presented. The orange layer, inspired by the talk show’s website is offset printed in advance. The announcment is overprinted in black on the school’s risograph. For the second season all previous announcments were combined into the pink layer and silkscreen printed. The designs play with self written texts, found comic elements and the idea of reproduction and ownership.