A fleeting glance in passing. Not entirely unknown, but hardly noticed. Is chopped up, stretched, compressed and compressed, superimposed and animated. Perspective distortion. Jumping from point to point with the sliding flow alternating.

In In Passing I this takes place on foot and is compressed and animated. In the middle of the fascinating landscape of Zaprisky Point, which has attracted me in a special way since I knew the film of the same name.

In Passing II, the observation from the bicycle has arisen. Stuck on it for a while, the motivation to capture this view developed. I stuck with the stop-motion animation process and developed a method of equalizing the perspective so that each image, no matter what angle it is shot from, looks like a frontal view. As a result, the architecture remains static and the movement is only visible through the reflection.

Our eyes move in two ways, jumping from point to point or gliding as we follow a movement. The interplay of these two has fascinated me since I was a child riding the train. The trembling in the eyes of others as well as my own gaze. In Passing III is an attempt to translate that. During a morning train ride 80 km north of Belgrade, all factors coincided.