aspect-ratio 10x9 “Track of Time,” final project by Mariano Gemmo

“Track of Time,” final project by Mariano Gemmo (© Mariano Gemmo, HFG Karlsruhe)

We know the value of good sleep. The main cause of sleep disorders is bad sleep hygiene. In most cases, those affected do not adhere to rules considered to be essential requirements for restful sleep.

In our accelerated environment, the human organism has become detached from its natural rhythms, instead orienting itself to artificial schedules and continuing to work even after the sun has gone down. The organism is adapting to machines, which are much less prone to show signs of fatigue than we are. Our time is divided less into days and weeks and more into work time and free time, battery life, traffic light cycles, shop opening hours, trade-fair schedules, and quarterly numbers.

Track of Time, which creates hypnotic rhythms in an analog, accessible manner, is meant to serve as a sedative. The object starts the process of falling asleep and makes us more aware of the way we deal with sleep. Placed on a desk, the object is activated for late-night sessions at the home office. After a set period of time, it starts to remind the user that the day is over, generating hypnotic sounds to initiate sleep.