Two in a Box is about the two housemates YI and YA, who live alienated from each other. With YI's extravagant lifestyle, YA feels increasingly displaced. When YI's affair YO appears, YA decides to move out and give up the apartment.
During her research, Miki Feller deals with minorities excluded from public life. She comes across a friend's Facebook profile, who had set up criteria as to which users were allowed to communicate with her. Facebook as a new public space offers her protection but she also becomes a target of attack.
The narrative concept for Two in a Box is based on the confrontation with this acquaintance, who has increasingly been isolating herself through the rejection of her surroundings over several years. Two in a Box tells a story of repression, withdrawal and defense; as a story about the relationship between two characters living in a shared apartment. Conceived as an American sitcom, the everyday example of two housemates who live apart promises to create a distance from the original topic and at the same time make it tangible. While the picture consists of a monochrome, luminescent purple colored surface that offers the audience a projection surface, the scenes are narrated alternately between radio play and text overlays.

Tutors: Prof. Anja Dorn, Prof. Andreas Müller