September 4 (whole day)

Excursion through the historic center of Moscow: Architectural history as cultural and social history (with guide)

• Constructivist architecture of the 1920s and 1930s (Melnikov house, Mosselprom house, amongst others)
• Socialist Classicism (Hotel Ukraina, foreign office, amongst others)
• Red Square and Alexander Garden
• Current developments in city planning, Zaryadye Park amongst others

September 5 (whole day)

Russian political history / the USSR as cultural and architectural history

• Lenin’s Mausoleum
• St. Basil’s Cathedral
• Gorky Park (“hipster paradise” Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Miki Feller: Presentation on Maxim Gorki

September 5 (later evening)

Moscow Metro

• Underground trip to the historically most significant stations of the Moscow Metro, Diane Hillebrand: Presentation on the construction of the Moscow Metro

September 6 (whole day)

Exhibition visits

• Schabolovka area: avantgarde museum and Schukhov Radio Tower
• Exhibition “Soviet Antiquity”
• MMOMA – Moscow Museum of Modern Art

September 6 (8pm)

Evening program

• Maniozis, opera/performance (based on Spinoza’s “ethics”) at Electrotheatre Stanislavsky

September 7 (morning)

Bulgakov’s Moscow: Patriarch Ponds

• Bruno Jacoby: presentation on Heart of a Dog by Michail Bulgakow
• Rebecca Hirneise: presentation on The Master and Margarita by Michail Bulgakow

7. September (nachmittags)

The State Tretyakov Gallery and New Tretyakov Gallery

• Tilman Rödiger: presentation on Reverse Perspective by Pavel Florenskij

Tretyakov Gallery:
• Icon paintings
• Russian Realism in painting

New Tretyakov Gallery:
• Russian/Soviet art of the 20th century
• Russian avant-garde of the 1910s and 1920s
• Exhibition “Ilya and Emilia Kabakov. Not Everyone Will Be Taken Into the Future” from Sept. 7, 2018

September 8 (whole day)

Exhibition park VDNH, exhibition on the achievements of the national economy

• Theresa Rößler: presentation on Olga Rosanowa and the Costakis collection
• Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre, exhibition “Space Pavillon: Between Space and Earth”
• Pavilion “Worker and Collective Farm Woman”

September 8 (evening)

LOMONOSSOW University, Sparrow Hill observation deck

Tutors: Dr. Barbara Kuon, Dr. Lioudmila Voropai