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© Nicolas Fehr

The starting point for this work is Nicolas Fehr's graduate project Bululú, which laid the foundations for a comprehensive cycle within his creative process. It deals with the life and work of Fehr's alter egos, especially with their respective production of music. The work was presented in the former Soeht7 women's prison as a site-specific mixed media installation, the core of which was a 45-minute 2K video loop with 6-channel sound. The film was shot in London, Sofia, Mondsee near Salzburg, Berlin and Starnberg, among others. The episodes of the alter egos Violet, Louise, Frau Tod, Caspar David and Das Jahr 2359 are supplemented by the appearance of various mysterious women. Le Mat refers to the Tarot card of the same name and sees itself on the one hand as an adaptation of Bululú to a new space and on the other hand as its narrative development. A further level of narration unfolds through the deliberately unconventional choice of space and special staged interventions. The challenge of presenting a site-specific work in a new location is perceived as an opportunity to experiment with alternative narrative strategies and to emphasize new features.

Nicolas Fehr (born 1989 in Frankfurt am Main) grew up in the suburbs of New York, Hamburg and Frankfurt am Main. In 2009 he began studying philosophy and art history in Heidelberg. In 2011 he moved to Karlsruhe University of Design, where he began studying media art and scenography. Since then he has worked as a freelance artist, composer and performer in various theater, film and music projects, including for the Schauspielhaus Wien and the Deutsche Theater Göttingen. In 2018 he received his diploma for the film installation Bululú.
Although the focus of his work is always music, Fehr extends his expression through film, performance, installation, poetry and the visual arts. In this context, special attention is paid to consciousness research, the subversive potential of pop culture, and spirituality in the information age. Fehr weaves all of this into kaleidoscopic narratives that are characterized by romantic ideals and magical realism. Fehr lives and works in Berlin and Munich.