Plastic injection molding is the backbone of the global consumer goods industry. Refined over decades, injection molding technology has achieved a technical finesse in which everything is subordinate to one goal: to produce perfect, indistinguishable clones of a part.
Only a tiny detail in every injection molding machine in the world holds up the flag of non-conformism. A product that is so alien to the place of its manufacture that it does not even have its own name: strange masses that flow out of the machine with every change of color or material - each completely different in its appearance and randomly generated.
Hundreds and thousands of these non-conformists are in the back yard of every injection molding factory, in the garbage container with the inscription: "Grade C" plastic in the lowest recycling category, which due to its heterogeneity usually has no future other than costly and environmentally harmful combustion. SCRAP LIFE PROJECT takes these rebels out of the abattoir and takes them for what they are: beautiful, characteristic and - once you have pressed four glowing stainless-steel tubes into their underside - above all: ownable.

Clemens Lauer and Max Guderian founded STABIL in 2014. Many of their works were recently exhibited in “My Canvas” by Kvadrat during London Design Festival 2017:

Grischa Erbe and Moritz Jähde are founding members if the interdisciplinary design studio spreng&sonntag:

All four study/have studied product design at HfG Karlsruhe.

Tutor: Hansjerg Maier-Aichen