"The new background service ASSORTED is now available on every iOS device. It manages your photos, sorts them out on its own and shows you what kind of happy life you lead on the corresponding screens in your home. You can choose your preferences individually, for example by deciding between Always Smile and Delete. Always Smile means that the service will always turn your face into a smiling one. If you choose Delete, it will delete any photo in which you are not smiling. You can have people retouched from all your photos if you don't want the person in your memories anymore. The ASSORTED service makes you feel good about life and changes your mood in a positive way for a long time."

This project addresses the issue of constant self-deception. There are hardly any photos on which people are not smiling. Mostly there is also a photo of an unsuccessful evening, on which everyone is smiling happily.

"The past is only a story we tell ourselves." Based on this quote from Samantha in the movie "Her" by Spike Jonze, a service has been invented that reshapes a person's memories according to their own preferences. The photos on the smartphone are manipulated, sorted out and combined. ASSORTED is not an app that needs to be actively installed, but comes as an integrated background service with a new iOS update. To present the background service credibly, the Apple design was imitated, real photos of a person were searched, manipulated and categorized, these slideshows were staged on screens in an apartment and a radio report was recorded. Together they were presented as a digital performance on screen. This can be seen here

Developed in the seminar "94.3%" in winter semester 2020/21

Supervision: Prof. Ivan Weiss and Prof. Michael Kryenbühl