The journey initiated from the first foreign language text book of the Joseon Dynasty, which intertwined two heterogeneous languages geographically, culturally, and structurally. Like this pile of texts, which is beautiful, the beautifulness proceeds from disparateness, the typeface focuses on inter-transplantation rather than fusion of each individual's writing. So this chimera is both familiar and unfamiliar.

"Past, present, future. Chimera is everywhere. Our body becomes pieces. The pieces transplanted each other. You become me, and I become you. We, without our body, there is no border anymore. I ask myself. Who am I without a border? We, who have lost me and become us, look in the mirror. Our head is lion, our body is bear, and our legs are iron. So our border does not exist between the lion and the bear and the iron. We shallow the chaos and reproduce the familiar and unfamiliar me. I am chimera."

Developed in the seminar "94.3%" in winter semester 2020/21

Supervision: Katharina Köhler