Das Fundbüro (working title) is both a diploma thesis and a debut novel. Created between Corona frustration and writing desire in the period from November 2020 to the diploma exam in September 2021, the novel tells the story of the keeper of the lost and found office and his attempt to bring back a foundling.

For the Lost and Found Office is not just any ordinary lost and found office, but THE lost and found office, where all items that have ever been lost somewhere end up. The Keeper's job is to sort the lost and found items into the halls of the Lost and Found, thus weaving a web of human emotion that spans the entire history of mankind. With each found object he puts in its proper place, the web is further refined.

The Keeper is an old man who has spent his entire life in the lost and found and does not feel the slightest need to change this fact. But when one day he discovers a foundling among the lost property of the day, his previously calm and unexciting life is turned upside down. For he suspects that this little girl will one day replace him as keeper of the lost and found office. Determined not to let it come to that, the Keeper jumps over his shadow and decides to bring the child back. Thus begins the Keeper's journey through different ages, always in search of the girl's origins.

Novel manuscript, 53,000 words, 250 pages

Supervision: Razvan Radulescu und Ludger Pfanz