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© Poster by Philippe Desarzens

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© Poster by Philippe Desarzens


Thursday 20 June 2024, 11:00-21:00 h.

An outdoor research symposium on the move between Bruchsal and Bad Schönborn. HfG-Karlsruhe, Professur für Kunstwissenschaften / Schwerpunkt Digitale Ästhetik

In Bruchsal, thermal waters pumped up from 3000 m below surface are transporting lithium and energy to power mobile digital devices. A few kilometers further, in Bad Schönborn, thermal waters offer healing and relaxation to human bodies and brains - many of them troubled, overexcited or exhausted by the use of those same digital media. We will explore affinities between these sites.

Meeting Point for Students: 11.00h, Karlsruhe Hbf, Gleis 6 (11:17h S3 to Bruchsal)

Public Meeting Point: 14.00, Ubstadt, train stop Salzbrunnenstrasse.

Schedule: See Poster!

! Please bring your own lunch (e.g. sandwich & water).

! This is an outdoor event, please bring adequate clothing.

! For visiting the Thermarium, please bring swimwear.

Contact: Nina Zschocke,

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