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© Isabel Motz, Nils Bergmann, Vincent Becher

Traditionally, at the end of the summer semester, the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design invites visitors to its annual tour of the atriums (Lichthöfe). The Rundgang 2023 promises to be more diverse and colorful than ever before. With around 100 student works from the courses of study Exhibition Design and Scenography, Communication Design, Art Research and Media Philosophy, Media Art as well as Product Design, there is a unique opportunity to discover the diversity of the Kunsthochschule.

The exhibition can be visited from Thursday, July 20, 2023 to Sunday, July 23, 2023. There will be numerous accompanying programs on each day of the event, such as several guided tours of the Rundgang 2023, a Flea market organized by the Asta offering student products and designs for sale, readings, and even performances. A special highlight are the numerous locations around the HfG, which enrich the classic exhibition space in the atriums (Lichthöfe) with the urban space of Karlsruhe.

aspect-ratio 10x9 Locations of the Rundgang 2023

Locations of the Rundgang 2023 (© Isabel Motz, Nils Bergmann, Vincent Becher)


Mittwoch, 19.07.23

Donnerstag, 20.07.23

Freitag, 21.07.2023

Samstag, 22.07.2023

Sonntag, 23.07.2023

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