Communication Design means to give reality a form. Be it for designing books, posters, websites, films, exhibitions or campaigns, the students of this department contribute their skills and talent to all areas of social life. They also design events and “raw design materials” such as fonts, illustrations, and photographs.

This course offers an intensive access to all topics by means of practical project work. Students work, develop, research and implement their ideas either individually or in small groups. Rarely does one professor supervise more than ten students. By limiting the size of the groups, optimal instruction and supervision is guaranteed for each student.

At all time, students have access to the university’s versatile and fully equipped workshops and can create their ideas in almost any form. Here, manual work plays an important part. Another advantage to studying at HfG is the renowned designers from all over the world who visit HfG Karlsruhe to support the professors in each department. They conduct workshops and seminars, hold lectures and present state-of-the-art communication design to the student body.

The department’s goal is to educate students to become independent designers. Students should not only learn how to fulfill contracts but also develop their own work and ideas. At HfG, it is not an unusual sight to see students of the department already beginning to run major projects, do contract work, or establish small agencies and galleries during their studies. This kind of “design entrepreneurship” is specifically supported by the department.

As the world is constantly changing and becoming a more global society, the practical studies at HfG offer students the opportunity to expand design beyond the field’s traditional boundaries, allowing the field to develop further and giving students the potential to fundamentally change it.

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