The Department of Art Research and Media Philosophy teaches the historical and theoretical foundations of the arts and media on a broad basis.
In close exchange with the practical departments, the members of the study programs continue to think about current social developments and explore new fields of design and research together.

Unlike traditional art history studies, the Art Research courses at HfG Karlsruhe offer a more methodical than purely historical approach to the field. The focus is on modern and contemporary art as well as on aesthetic theory. The department is also open to the aesthetic phenomena emerging beyond art, such as the imagery of the mass media and the consumer phenomena.

In the study of Media Philosophy, in addition to teaching the subject’s traditional knowledge, current forms of media production are also explored and tested in social and political context. The affiliation with Philosophy courses at a university of arts and design offers students the chance to analyze and practice philosophy in an artistic way. In cooperation with students of Media Art or the design courses, theory can easily be translated into real-life projects. By cooperating with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the University of Heidelberg, the study programs at HfG have been significantly extended.

Since the study program is similar in structure to the former Magister programs at these universities, students have the freedom to develop their own personal study profile. A PhD program is also offered in the fields of Art Research and Philosophy.

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