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Thursday our HfG online Journal UMBAU will celebrate it's 3rd Issue called CHAINING.

8pm / 18.01.24 / at HfG Forum

There will be a performance by the artist Elle Fierce at 20:30 They are a Trans Non-Binary, British born Jamaican-Irish artist and activist, classically trained in ballet and modern dance, and have performed on stages around the world, particularly in the UK and most recently as a Soloist at Oper Leipzig. Now a freelance artist, with a multi disciplinary approach to performance, combining their activism and life experience as a black trans body to create provocative works.

The event shows artworks by Lucia Mattes and Lars Pinkwart and hosts afterwards DJ sets by aswesome LaLa Tina and our very best Frankie Spiderweb.

Our first contributions feature Mascha Dilger, Matteo Pasquinelli and Ülkü Süngün.

With unchained hearts, your UMBAU Team // Paolo Caffoni, Charlotte Eifler, Yannick Fritz, Jule Köpke & Livia Lazzarini

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