aspect-ratio 10x9 Boetineun Mom (The body that withstands)

Boetineun Mom (The body that withstands), Photo: @kwonkeum @neuj_.

From UMBAU Issue 3 - Chaining - OUT NOW...

"Nodeul School for the Disabled" by Paolo Caffoni

“Nonconformity to a language model presents an essential resistance against the assimilation into normative communication frameworks. What happens when the act of resisting the purported transparency of communication not only involves opposition to language models but also challenges a labor model that has been modelled on the able body?”

Paolo Caffoni recounts his experience on a site visit at the Nodeul School for the Disabled in Seoul, South Korea. The encounter with the disabled activists and students at Nodeul becomes an offer to the author to evaluate structures of power, language control, translation, care and labour in the ableist society.

The essay has been published on the occasion of the launch of the pamphlet “Nodeul School for the Disable” (The Invisible Archive, 2024), which explores the relationship between activism, pedagogy and disability.


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About Paolo Caffoni: Paolo Caffoni is a research associate and PhD candidate at the KIM research group on critical AI studies at HfG Karlsruhe.

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