The appointments listed below will take place focussing on application portfolios for interested students.

Please note

Individual appointments are not taken.

All appointments are subject to change, as the space and time slot for the portfolio guidance may change on short notice. Please check these websites for any changes under your relevant subject.

Communication Design

We invite everyone interested in studying communication design to present and discuss their portfolios.

On 08.03.23 at 3pm with Michael Kryenbühl and Juliane Hohlbaum.
Online at Big Blue Button.

Please upload your portfolio as a multi-page pdf here) by 12 noon the day before.

Product Design

The portfolio consultation date in the PD department is on:

Tuesday, 28.3.23
3 p.m.
(Online) on

Exhibition Design and Scenography

The portfolio consultation in the Exhibition Design and Scenography department will take place on
Monday, 03.04.23
12 pm
Online at Big Blue Button.

Ebba Fransén Waldhör
Philipp Schell

Media Art

currently there are no further dates

Art Research and Media Philosophy

Consultations take place individually upon request. If you have any questions, please contact Ellen Mai at the secretariat