Prerequisites for admission to studies at the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe are:

  • an appropriate previous school education
  • proof of artistic or scientific aptitude, in the form of self-made work samples submitted online in pdf format

School Education

The school requirements for admission to the program are:

  • General university entrance qualification or
  • subject-related university entrance qualification or
  • equivalent previous education (to the general or subject-linked higher education entrance qualification).

Which other previous school education can be recognized as equivalent can be found in § 58 paragraph 2 of the Baden-Württemberg State University Law (LHG BW) - the study office/examination office will be happy to provide further information on this in individual cases.

It is not possible to study at our university if you have a technical college entrance qualification.

Applicants with a previous education that only entitles them to a specific course of study (subject releated university entrance qualification) can only be admitted to this course of study.

For the subject Art Science and Media Philosophy either the Latinum or the knowledge of two foreign languages is required. Knowledge of English is desirable for all subjects.

Artistic or Theoretical Aptitude

In each case, artistic aptitude (artistic courses of study: exhibition design and scenography, communication design, media art and product design) or academic aptitude (art science and media philosophy).

The application procedure for the artistic courses of study is divided into:

  • a pre-selection on the basis of the letter of motivation and the submitted portfolio with work samples
  • a selection interview

The application procedure for art studies and media philosophy is divided into:

  • a pre-selection based on the letter of motivation
  • a selection interview

Statement of Purpose (All Subjects)

The application documents include a one- to two-page application statement (letter of motivation) as an accompanying text on the question of the chosen course of study, the student's own work and general artistic questions.

Portfolio (Art and Design Courses)

PORTFOLIO with a maximum selection of 20 work samples (for diploma programs only). What is important to you? What interests you? What is your view of the world? Upload limit 50 MB. Please provide videos as links only!

Optional for media art only: VIDEO-SELF PORTRAIT (maximum two minutes)

Selection interviews

The selection interviews cover in particular the personal motivation and the submitted work samples.

You will be continuously informed about the status of your application via the HfG application portal. Selection interviews are usually held in the month of May (in presence at the university), a decision on admission or rejection can be expected by the end of June.