Studying Moving Images is an invitation to experience a learning space that invite us to develop critical thinking on and with Images. Through the permanent questioning on how to answer the contemporary submerged by images, using our research, we envisage how an Image works ceaselessly in a network with many others.

Moving Images works with installations, video art, short films, composition, image performances and “Moving photography". It is questioning the image, how images think, how to look at them, what they show , how to manipulate them. It is also about what the images do not show, about what they keep silenced and yet what resonates so loudly in them. How to design the space to present your projects so that it’s an inclusive invitation for all receptors.

The students will always develop their projects in an atmosphere of self-investigation but also in a continuous debate with colleagues and renown guests. They will have opportunities to show their works individually or collectively in exhibitions or international film festivals. They profit from their participation in a discipline that connects with film, sound, design and theory.

So, welcome to Moving Images, welcome to the debate, welcome to a context where you have all of the freedom to go further with your projects and learn how to present them now and in a professional future.