aspect-ratio 10x9 Credits: ULADZIMIR HRAMOVICH. All that is forgotten is buried in the ground, 2023

Credits: ULADZIMIR HRAMOVICH. All that is forgotten is buried in the ground, 2023

The lecture takes place in the framework of this semester's seminar "Art and War" but is open for everyone!

About the lecture:

In exploring how contemporary artists interpret the theme of war, we'll delve into various curatorial and artistic strategies. These strategies encompass activist approaches, collaborative practices, and insights from feminist and queer perspectives. We will focus on the practices of, SDK "Słonecznik", the New Neighborhood initiative and others. Furthermore, the lecture will shed light on the intricate connections between art and politics. We'll examine how they intertwine and substitute each other, especially in contexts characterized by language anemia, exclusion, and the absence of political structures. This discussion bridges the gap between art and the political realm, unveiling the unique lenses through which artists view and represent war in today's world.

About the speaker:

Antonina Stebur is a curator, art historian and art critic. She worked as a guest lecturer at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK), where she teaches an art activism course. She is co-founder of the #damaudobnayavbytu project on gender discrimination in post-Soviet countries and the research platform Spaika.Media. She is a co-curator of the exhibitions "Every Day. Art. solidarity. Resistance" (Ukraine, 2021), "Names" (Belarus, 2017), "I Was Approaching the City I Had Not Known Yet" (Ukraine, 2021), "If Disrupted It Becomes Tangible" (Lithuania, 2023), and others. Stebur is a co-founder and curator of – The International Coalition of Cultural Workers in Solidarity with Ukraine.

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