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Four teams, four projects - an evening of students from the ADK Ludwigsburg and the HfG Karlsruhe

“(INNE)HALTEN - GEGENWART” shows projects by four artistic teams led by ADK 3rd year directing students Alize Heiser, Mateja Kardelis, Emma Mae Zich and Merle Zurawski.

23.05. (premiere), 24. and 25.05.2024 | ADK | 6 pm

Akademiehof 1 | 71638 Ludwigsburg | Registration recommended to:

Box office: Admission 5.30 pm | Admission: 8 euros / reduced 5 euros. (opposite the restaurant “Joe Peñas”)

Cousin choirs, coffee with cigarettes, promising encounters - moments of remembering, forgetting and imagining. Four artistic teams deal with nocturnal pacts, simple everyday poetry and the inscription of memories in the body in terms of content and form as part of the thematic focus “(INNE)HALTEN - Gegenwart”. What does it actually look like right now, our present? How did I get here? How did we get here. What is or isn't happening here right now. And what are we doing with it now?

A collaboration between the directing, dramaturgy and acting courses, the Ukrainian acting class of the ADK and guests in cooperation with the HfG Karlsruhe, the HfBK Dresden and the ABK Stuttgart.

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