aspect-ratio 10x9 Ausschnitt: Collection of Hate, 2023

Ausschnitt: Collection of Hate, 2023 (© Autentic)

Wednesday May 15, 2024 // 7 pm // Blue Salon // Room 012 // HfG Karlsruhe

Arthur Langerman is Belgian, Jewish, a jeweler and has dedicated his life to collecting anti-Semitic images. In around 60 years, he has collected over 10,000 anti-Semitic objects. Where do the widespread stereotypes about Jews come from? And why do anti-Jewish stereotypes persist to this day, spreading hatred and harassment all over the world? The documentary accompanies the collector to various places to find answers.

Special screening in cooperation with the Department of Art Studies. Introduction by Julia Modes (KuPhi HfG Karlsruhe).

Germany 2023, 52 minutes, DCP, English original version Original title: Images of Hate Director: Andrea Oster, with Arthur Langerman and others. Preliminary program: Balance (1989), Director: Christoph and Wolfgang Lauenstein, 35mm, OF

Free admission, donation requested

Kino im Blauen Salon is the student cinema of the Hochschule für Gestaltung, which has been run by students since 2017. We have also recently become our own association! From the design of this flyer to the program design and scheduling to the film screening itself, we have been working here on a voluntary basis since February. And all the other many tasks that come with running a movie theater.

We are not a soulless blockbuster cinema, everything is handmade again, because we play most evenings from classic 35mm film reels. To this end, we have resurrected two beautiful analog film projectors from the 1950s over the last few years. In addition to the film series The Cinema of Euphoria, there will also be many special screenings, collaborations and, for the first time, a concert evening this semester.

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