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Nachhall - Farewell to the Hans Rosbaud Studio of SWR

A joint project of HfG, HfM and SWR

A space goes - what remains?: At the end of 2023, a place where radio and music history was written will disappear forever: SWR's Hans Rosbaud Studio in Baden-Baden. Countless productions and concerts have taken place here since 1950. Against the backdrop of its imminent demolition, we set out in search of the essence of this place. We interviewed and listened to it, traced its aura, scanned its body and rummaged through its memory. The "Nachhall" concert will feature works that were recorded in the Hans Rosbaud Studio shortly before its final closure. We would like to honor the legacy of this studio and celebrate its special sound space.

A concert with works by: Da Eun Jun, Damiana Facen, Daniel L. Lythgoe, Franz Ferdinand August Rieks, Gerriet K. Sharma, Ilja Morgenstern, Jakob Schreiber, Jan Häußler, Jonas Eckenfels, Klara Mlakar, Medine Mijiti, Menghao Xie, Pavel Polenz, Sophie-Youjoung Lee, Veronika Reutz Drobnić

Under the direction of: Gerriet K. Sharma, Ilja Morgenstern (HfG) • Prof. Markus Hechtle, Toygun Kirali (HfM) • Kerstin Unseld (SWR)

Video: Luise Peschko, Tibor Pilz, Yael Kolb

**Friday, May 24, 7:30 p.m.

Wolfgang-Rihm-Forum // Karlsruhe University of Music

Admission free. Tickets at the entrance. Barrier-free access **.

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