Persons who show sufficient education and artistic aptitude, and who want to build on individual artistic fields and other areas represented by the university, can apply for admission as auditors. In the framework of available study places and working opportunities, a written application and a written approval from the professor responsible for the artistic or theoretical area of study is required. The rector then decides on the admission.

Auditors are not considered members of the university and will not be admitted to examinations. Academic performance in the framework of the course of studies will not be recognized. Each admission as auditor lasts for one semester.


The following documents are required for application as auditor:

  • higher education qualification (copy)
  • curriculum vitae
  • job references (if any)
  • written statement on reasons for application as auditor
  • complete application form
  • a few work samples


Application closes on these dates:

  • for each winter semester, 1 August
  • for each summer semester, 2 February


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