Diploma by Anne-Sophie Oberkrome

The installation "Layered Transparency | Displayed Opacity" explores a changing perception due to an increasing penetration of analogous, haptic phenomena with virtual and digital offerings in design, presentation and interaction with the objects.
In a total of 4 stations, glass and its source material sand explore the relationship between the real and the virtual world.

  1. The analogue object in analogue space
  2. The analogue object in digital space
  3. The digital object in digital space
  4. The digital object in analogue space

During this process, the initially analogue object goes through various stages of metamorphosis and thus documents the potential influence of the respective form of presentation on itself, the object: from analogue to analogue, to digital to digital, to digital to analogue.

The object shown in each station is a vase. It can tell the stories between analogue and digital. As a thing from everyday life, its function stands between decoration and purpose. Painted vases serve as three-dimensional images for the preservation of the past. Textures, inscriptions and drawings painted on the surface tell of the story in which the object was once embedded.

The material glass forms a bridge and acts as the ultimate boundary between the real and the virtual world, between us and the object. Therefore it is used as material in every form of presentation for staging. A layer that lies before things.