The responsibilities of the staff council is decided by the State Staff Representation Act (Landespersonalvertretungsgesetz/LPVG) of Baden-Württemberg. Employees’ rights to co-determine, participate and to be heard, and other affairs are laid out here.

Staff council responsibilities are:

  • Co-determination of recruitments/groupings and other staff measures.
  • Application for measures regarding internal, social, and personal concerns of workers.
  • Making sure that current laws, regulations, collective agreements as well as other provisions and service agreements in favor of employees are observed. And all members in office are fairly and justly managed, especially that discrimination does not take place.
  • Accepting suggestions and complaints, and if they are justified, working towards a settlement through negotiations with the university head.

The staff council works together in confidentiality with the office for the benefit of the staff and to fulfill official tasks.


The HfG Staff Council consists of four representatives from the group of staff (of which three positions are currently occupied) and one representative from the group of clerks.

A regular term for the staff council is five years. Members are selected from staff as well as officials.

The staff council can be contacted at Members can be reached per telephone at their respective work places.