aspect-ratio 10x9 The communal library at HfG and ZKM

The communal library at HfG and ZKM, Photo: Hannah Cooke (© Hannah Cooke, HfG Karlsruhe)

HfG’s practice-oriented training is also reflected in the fully equipped workshops and studios, allowing students create practically any kind of project. The workshops and studios’ various introductions lay the foundation for the professional implementation of the student’s individual projects.

Prototypes developed during the degree program come into existence in the workshops under expert guidance. This could include the creation of a piece of furniture, a simple lamp, a unique ceramic piece, hand-printed posters, or a Solar Cycle. Literally anything is possible. The students’ ideas are always in the main focus and their realization is achieved through teamwork.

The HfG’s focus on new media is best reflected in their state-of-the-art and fully equipped studios for film, photography, sound and 3D. Not only does HfG offer students the latest technology, analog formats are still offered in the training, as well. One of the university’s highlights is the multifunctional Large Media Cube which is equipped with latest lighting technology, sound and recording systems. With its state-of-the-art equipment, this studio creates excellent environments for concerts, performances, theater, lectures, and filming.

The ZKM | Media Center and Library is available to HfG students for research and scientific work. Its extended inventory includes currently approx. 60,000 books, videos, and recordings and still continues to grow. Thematically, the library focuses on the fields of media theory, art history, design, architecture, media art and new music. The entire collection is freely accessible and offers a wide range of reliable sources for intensive research.