The responsibilities of the senate are outlined in the State Law on Education (Landeshochschulgesetz): “The senate decides in matters of research, art practice, aspirations in artistic development, teaching, studies, and further education, as far as they are not assigned by law to another central governing body or faculties.” (§19 LHG)

The senate thereby plays a significant role in the strategic orientation of the university in research, studies, and teaching. It also takes a position on questions of structure and planning, among others.

In particular, it is responsible for the tasks mentioned in §19 Paragraph 1 Sentence 2 LHG, for example:

  • selection of full-time rectorate members (rector, chancellor) together with the university council
  • selection of the vice-rector
  • adoption and change of basic regulations
  • approval of structural and developmental planning
  • taking decisions in the context of establishment, change and repeal of courses of study and academic institutions
  • fundamental decisions on research and funding of academic and artistic growth of talent
  • decisions on examination regulations
  • decisions on vocations

Further rules are laid out in the basic regulations (Grundordnung) at HfG.


Senate meetings are generally closed to the public. Public agenda topics are specially indicated.

Rector (Chair)


Prorector Studies and Teaching (advisory)

Prorector Cooperations and Artistic Development (advisory)

Equal opportunities officer


Academic Assistants


Alejandra Janus
Lasse Peters

Further Employees (incl. the technical tutors)