The academic year 2014/15 at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design was marked with great change. The departure of Prof. Dr. Peter Sloterdijk as rector of the university signaled the end of an era and the annual exhibition was restored to its original basic concepts as a creative space for students. And so the current annual report provides an inspiring insight into the varied activities with a new concept and it also serves as the best proof of the competence of the university – since it was designed by students Anna Cairns, Sascia Reibel and Lino Santo under the editorial management of Katharina Heidecke.

The slick cover – shimmering from red to pink – illustrates the change in the university’s administration and its fresh start: blank as a sheet of paper to be described anew. Throughout the entire print run, a color progression was created with an interference in the printing process, giving each copy a unique color gradation and transforming it into a coveted individual object. With its soft-covered 352 pages, the character of the report sways between book and magazine. The typically documentary character of a report is complemented with literary texts that were expressly picked out from the university’s literature seminar for this edition and published as a supplementary booklet.

Editor: Katharina Heidecke
Design and concept: Anna Cairns, Sascia Reibel, Lino Santo
ISBN: 978-3-930194-20-9

Awarded with the Bronze Pin of the Art Directors Club Germany.

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