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Students and affiliates can borrow technical equipment for use inside and outside of the university. Students are insured worldwide on use of the equipment. For more information, please contact

Loan Center

Basic technical equipment can be borrowed at the loan center. These include for instance projectors, cameras for photography and film, DVD and media players, monitors, cables, and adapters.

Tobias Keilbach
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9am–5pm
Room 322 (3rd floor)
T +49 (0) 721 / 8203 2321

Event Equipment, Management of Atriums and Large Studio

Special equipment for events such as stage units, lighting and sound systems can be borrowed from Event Equipments. The atriums and the large studio can also be booked here for internal events, Diplom examinations or exhibitions. Permission from the rectorate is required for use for internal events.

Sebastian Schäfer
Alexander Knoppik
Opening hours: by arrangement
Room: 010 (ground floor)
T +49 (0) 721 / 8203 2131

Computer Loans

Laptops, printing ink, cables and other computer accessories may be borrowed.

Frédéric Zumsteeg
Opening hours: by arrangement
Room 340 (3rd floor)
T +49 (0) 721 / 8203 2334

Film equipment

Film technology and archived film material may be borrowed.

Opening hours: by arrangement
Room 227 (2nd floor)

Sound Equipment

Technical equipment for sound, acoustics and music may be borrowed.

Opening hours: by arrangement
Room 365 (3rd floor)

Video and Sound Equipment

Loudspeakers, vintage music equipment, PA systems, monitor speakers and video equipment may be borrowed.

Dieter Sellin
Opening hours: by arrangement
Room 336 (3rd floor)
T +49 (0) 721 / 8203 2335