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Opening hours: July 21 from 7 pm
July 22-24, 11 am - 8 pm

Traditionally, at the end of the summer semester, the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe State Academy of Design) invites visitors to its annual tour of the atriums and provides a glimpse behind the scenes of the university for an extended weekend. The boundaries between the fields of study exhibition design and scenography, communication design, art science and media philosophy, media art as well as product design are deliberately re-explored in order to present the interdisciplinarity of the HfG Karlsruhe with its academic freedom and openness.

As a retrospective of 30 years of the HfG, the exhibition deliberately integrates elements that refer to the history of the university. The works enter into a spatial and thematic dialogue with each other, which visitors can experience on the first floor. The students show their ideas and objects on presentation surfaces and screens as well as in lectures and performances in the atriums of the university. On offer is a tour with a wide range of art, music and literary performances, film screenings and guided tours of the exhibition.

The architecture for this year's tour was developed and implemented collectively by the students of the seminar "Just Merged" under the direction of the Offenbach-based artist collective YRD.Works. YRD.Works operates with its works at the interface of art and temporary architecture. The central element of the expansive intervention is translucent fabric panels that are installed on different levels in the university's atriums. The textile playfully creates new spaces within the existing architecture and divides the building into vertical and horizontal visual axes.
The project offered all participating students the opportunity to help shape the process from needs analysis to exhibition opening and to actively accompany the transformation from theoretical concept to practical implementation.
The development of the exhibition design for the interdisciplinary tour was an interdisciplinary process in which design, planning and craft techniques were used and taught. To facilitate the translation of the initial idea into a working exhibition architecture, an introduction to project management based on real-world parameters was also provided. A special focus of the course was on artistic work in a collective - the collaborative generation of ideas and the subsequent implementation as a team.


Thursday, 21.07.
15:00 The Promise of Melancholy
19:00 Opening of the tour with award ceremony
22:00 Opening night with DJs

**Friday, 07/22
11:00 am Film program media art
12:00 PM Open Print Workshop
13:00 Guided tour of the munitions factory exhibition
14:00 Film Program Media Art
14:00 Performance "The Agency
15:00 AI Forensics (Presentation)
16:00 A Pedagogy of Machines (Lecture/Talk)
17:00 The Future of 1982 (Lecture/Talk)
17:00 Guided tour of the exhibition
18:00 Film Program Media Art
18:00 The fog of systems (book presentation)
18:00 Release concert R.G: Beam
19:00 Concert Lummerland
20:00 DJ Set
20:00 Roundabout

**Saturday, 07/23
11:00am Film Program Media Art
11:00 am Violence, Power, Authority: On Political and Anti-Political Action
13:00 Cognitive Mapping
13:00 HfG Flea and Art Market (with repair workshop and dye station)
14:00 Film program media art
14:00 Guided tour
15:00 Critical theory vs critical theory
16:00 Documenting the moment (panel discussion)
18:00 Film program media art
18:00 Concert Gránát Èze
21:00 Concert Woomera
22:00 Party

Sunday, 24.07.
11:00 am Film Program Media Art
14:00 Film program media art
14:00 Guided tour
15:00 Kollektiv Frauengasse juxtaposition #2 Sibylle Sybille
18:00 Film Program Media Art

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