aspect-ratio 10x9 Film still: Eleven o'clock at night, 1965

Film still: Eleven o'clock at night, 1965 (© Studiocanal)

Monday February, 19 2024 // 7 pm // Blue Salon // Room 012 // HfG Karlsruhe

Ferdinand is bored with his monotonous life in Parisian high society and embarks on an adventure with his ex-girlfriend Marianne. Together, they escape the big-city bourgeoisie and, after an adventurous journey, go into hiding on an island in the south of France. But it doesn't take long for Marianne to get bored of this dropout life in sunny idylls, too. She runs away, dragging both Ferdinand and herself into ruin.

France, Italy 1965, 110 minutes, 35mm, original version with English subtitles
Original title: Pierrot le fou
Director: Jean-Luc Godard
With Jean-Paul Belmondo, Anna Karina, Samuel Fuller, Graziella Galvani
Pre-program: 35mm cinema trailer show on the subject.

We thank the Institut Francais for the loan of the 35mm archival print.

Free admission

More about the film program in the winter semester:

This winter semester we have once again decided against a leitmotif, against a red thread and against drawers. Our pigeonhole, red thread and leitmotif this semester will once again be the diversity of cinema. Let's look together through a realm that could not be more different and yet always has one thing in common: our view of it. We hope that was profound enough, and now enjoy the film!

12.10.23 Akira Kurosawa's Dreams (1990)
30.10.23 The German Chainsaw Massacre (1990)
27.11.23 The Day Dawns (1939)
22.12.23 Solo Sunny (1980)
08.01.24 My Grandmother (1929)
29.01.24 Uncle Boonmee remembers his former lives (2010)
19.02.24 Eleven at Night (1965)
25.03.24 The Beaches of Agnès (2008)

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