aspect-ratio 10x9 Film still: Chemi Bebia, 1929

Film still: Chemi Bebia, 1929 (© Bundesverband kommunale Filmarbeit)

Monday January, 08 2024 // 7 pm // Blauer Salon // Room 012 // HfG Karlsruhe

In the main film of the musical evening, an experimental silent film from Georgia (Chemi Bebia, 1929), a dismissed civil servant turns to a so-called "grandmother" to escape the anger of his wife. The latter is supposed to help him find a new job. Instead of helping, however, the "grandmother" writes a letter of recommendation in which she warns potential superiors against him and advises against employment. Our silent film series goes into the next round with Richard Siedhoff at the piano. The composer and pianist, who lives in Weimar, has been accompanying film programs with his own compositions and improvisations since 2008. with his own compositions and improvisations. He is the main pianist at Lichthaus Kino Weimar, where he also curates the silent film program. In addition to the main film, there will be other short films set to music by Richard. We are very much looking forward to this little highlight of our film series!

Original title: Chemi Bebia
Georgia 1929, 73 minutes, 35mm, silent with German subtitles
Director: Kote Mikaberidze
With Aleksandre Takaishvili, Bella Chernova, Evgeniy Ovanov
Pre-program: 35mm cinema trailer show on the theme

Free admission

aspect-ratio 10x9

More about the film program in the winter semester:

This winter semester we have once again decided against a leitmotif, against a red thread and against drawers. Our pigeonhole, red thread and leitmotif this semester will once again be the diversity of cinema. Let's look together through a realm that could not be more different and yet always has one thing in common: our view of it. We hope that was profound enough, and now enjoy the film!

12.10.23 Akira Kurosawa's Dreams (1990)
30.10.23 The German Chainsaw Massacre (1990)
27.11.23 The Day Dawns (1939)
22.12.23 Solo Sunny (1980)
08.01.24 My Grandmother (1929)
29.01.24 Uncle Boonmee remembers his former lives (2010)
19.02.24 Eleven at Night (1965)
25.03.24 The Beaches of Agnès (2008)

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