The term Fast Fashion summarizes the development: super fast and cheap, produced according to the latest trends, and of course bought by us in enormous quantities. But where does fashion come from, fashion that makes it from the catwalk to the shop, from a prototype to a mass-produced article, all within a few weeks? Where is it produced, under what conditions and by whom? How can clothing be so cheap? The performative installation deals with these questions.

The installation Nora consists of shop fittings, a specially produced collection and a performance. The fictitious opening of a trendy shop is confronted with the text Nach Nora (After Nora) by the Nobel Prize winner Elfriede Jelinek, a sarcastic criticism of the production of cheap Fast Fashion. The ambivalent overlapping of a shopping experience which we know from our everyday lives with a controversial social discussion involves visitors in an authentic debate. There is nothing to be purchased in the Fashion Store – the confrontation with one’s own consumer behavior is free of charge.

Concept: Christine von Bernstein
Music: Lukas Rehm
Graphic design: Lisa Stöckel
Dramaturgy: Michael Letmathe
Actors and actresses: Veronika Bachfischer, Florentine Krafft, Julien Francis Bisesi, Alexander Nowak

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