An independently motorized massage armchair which includes an audio guide leads the visitor gently through an exhibition.

Driven by a programmed motor within an electric wheelchair, the visitor will be drawn into a unique and exciting challenge. The automatic motorized armchair follows a route determined by an inductive guidance system. The visitor will have no influence as to the speed neither of the armchair, where it will stop nor to the distance from the designers.

The audio guide which is based on guided meditations from the wellness and spa industry, prepares the visitor mentally for his/her visit to the exhibition and accompanies him/her through it. The gentle voice encourages reflection on the individual’s position within the exhibition and enables/releases the visitor to become relaxed and receptive.

Sponsors: Stadt Karlsruhe (project funding), FabLab Karlsruhe (technical assistance), brainLight (massage chair), Götting (inductive guidance system)

Technical realization
Construction: Sarah Jansen, Melanie Magin, David Bauer, Sven Hecht, Steffen Röcker, Urs Veit
Sound/Composition: Adam Gawel
Voice: Martin Cooke
Supervising sound editor: Marco Kempf

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