Wataru Murakami’s final project exhibition collected works that arose through his creative photography engaging with still life, a genre to which a rather lesser artistic significance was ascribed in its earlier period. Murakami sees his project as an appreciation.

In his photography, he refers back to the visual language of the still life where it plays a fundamental role – not least because it serves as a representation of goods and their production processes through to the present.

The exhibition takes place in the context of Murakami’s publication of series of booklets with the title, Still Life, containing photographs from 2008 to today. From this diary-like collection, he developed his Diplom exhibition and further exhibition formats reflecting the production, composition, and presentation of photography on a spatial-visual level. With his work, Murakami guides the view from afar into the details and with this, explores new forms of the still life in order to discover a presence of beauty: a concealed beauty.

Supervised by: Prof. Michael Clegg, Prof. Armin Linke, Prof. Andreas Müller, Prof. Heike Schuppelius, Barbara Kuon
Exhibition design, text: Hanne König
Graphic design: Johannes Hucht, Yannick Nuss
Plinths: Jonas von Lenthe, Carlo Siegfried, Maxim Weirich
With the support of POLA Art Foundation

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