The film Mr. Spaceman paints the portrait of the German-Greek Thomas Marinakis, who tries to find his way through a life caught between firearms and his feathered friends. Urban melancholy, wanderlust and humorous encounters with friends and strangers lead to questions of identity, origin and one’s place in this world.

On Thomas Marinakis’ journey to his roots in Greece, current topics like unemployment and social unrest are picked up in passing, and form the documentary framework of the narrative. Here, Mr. Spaceman talks of loneliness in a modern society, in which genuine communication is scarce and lives proceed in predetermined structures.

In order to keep production costs low and to react more easily to spontaneous events, the use of a larger film team was dispensed with and filming was done solely with available light. Most of the technical equipment was borrowed from the inventory of the HfG Karlsruhe. All participants worked without payment.

Duration: 30 minutes
Participants: Georgios Tzitzikos, Ibadete Kadrijaj, Jan Andreesen

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